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1-Hour of Activity

How much activity do your kids get every day? Is it more or less than an hour?

Kids can spend hours sitting each day... at school, in front of the TV or computer, and doing homework.

Ways to be active as a family:


Tips to make it easier:


Source: Foundation for Healthy Communities: 5-2-1-0 Healthy NH

  • Encourage your kids to be active every day, and remember to be a role model by being active yourself!

    5-2-1-0 Fit Physical Activity

  • Encourage a '1 Hour Rule' for inactivity. Do not allow your children to sit for more than 1 hour without moving.
  • Have your children walk or bike to the store, their friend's house, etc. instead of driving.
  • Encourage your children to play before and after mealtimes.
  • Play with your children! Jump rope, hop scotch, walk around the block, build a snowman, etc. Get the whole family involved.
  • Set a goal to be active for an hour or more after school or work.
  • Play outdoor games like tag, kickball, kick-the-can, etc.
  • Play with your pet outside or take him for a walk with your children.
  • Make gradual changes each day to increase your activity level.
  • Keep it fun! Do activities that you enjoy and encourage your children to do the same!
  • Be consistent. If you decide on the “1 hour rule” or set aside a specific time for activity...stick to it!




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