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Pregnancy and Parenting

Todd-Wadena Healthy Connections is comprised of maternal-child health nurses from Lakewood Health System, Todd County Public Health, Tri-County Health Care, and Wadena County Public Health. The nurses work together to provide comprehensive information on pregnancy, child health, carseat check-ups and other resources as needed.

Todd and Wadena County Public Health have several public health nurses who can help pregnant and post-partum women who are without insurance or under insured.

Public Health Nurses can perform:

  • Prenatal home visits to follow up on antenatal management, including assessment and education.
  • Postnatal home visit(s) to follow up on general baby care; feeding, sleeping and sleep safety, cord and skin care, parenting skills and environmental safety factors, including car seat safety.
  • Assessment of the mother’s condition in relation to vital signs, self cares, breast care and breastfeeding education, nutrition, elimination, exercise and rest, contraception and family (sibling and spouse) relationships.

The Pregnancy to Parenthood Book was created to provide a comprehensive overview of all topics related to pregnancy through childhood.

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